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Good Situational Awareness Saves Lives

Situational Awareness

End User Testimonial - "I would just like to thank the developers of ATAK for what they have done. My fire department just saved the local regional school from burning down due to the situational awareness that is provided through this tool. The incident commander was able to establish where the heat sensors were activated in the building based off the alarm panel while my team swept the building."
"He placed a marker, told the teams to converge on it, and we were able to quickly and effectively locate a runaway furnace active in a portable classroom. Had we taken time to finish out room sweep & not been able to quickly and efficiently redirect the crew to the correct location with minimal radio traffic, the outcome of the incident may have gone FAR worse. Tomorrow the school will open normally, and the furnace will be repaired instead of the alternative outcome. Thank you for this tool, it is irreplaceable."

Colorado CoE

The Center of Excellence for Advanced Technology Aerial Firefighting (CoE) utilizes TAK with a cloud-based server when Internet connectivity is available and is evaluating commercially available radios and deployable networks that enable the TAK app to function without a full Internet connection. When disconnected from the Internet, TAK can either transmit basic data (such as position reports) directly between radios, or utilize a small server physically deployed at the incident to relay maps and more complex data. The CoE has deployed TAK at public safety incidents in Colorado since 2018, as well as with Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control fire crews, to gain an operational perspective on the system.
In 2020 the Team Awareness Kit was awarded as part of the "Best of What's New" from Popular Science for its use in disaster response by the CoE and other agencies, and its open sourcing by the TAK Product Center. The CoE will continue to foster development and deployment of TAK through collaboration with military and civilian TAK stakeholders and partner public safety agencies. The U.S. Forest Service awarded a grant to the CoE in late 2020 to develop a TAK capability for wildland fire and conduct a pilot project deployment of the technology on a wildland fire. The CoE stood up a TAK server that ties all TAK users together and integrated this server with the Enterprise Geospatial Portal, a federally developed website containing fire maps and other intelligence. 

Medical Hands-free Unified Broadcast (MEDHUB)

The MEDHUB software package provides both the main MEDHUB application and the MEDHUB plugin. Both applications are required for full MEDHUB software functionality. It is recommended to use the MEDHUB software applications on a Nett Warrior device. The MEDHUB software is part of the MEDHUB system, which provides the full suite of hardware and software components for enhanced en-route patient care and receiving medical treatment facility situation awareness.
The MEDHUB application integrates with select Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulated patient care monitors to capture near real time vitals. MEDHUB automatically stores the data into a non-identifiable patient profiles and also provides an intuitive user interface to input additional patient data. The data is used to populate the Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) card and alert receiving treatment facilities of incoming patient status.
The MEDHUB plugin provides a bridge between the main MEDHUB application and ATAK. This includes role and callsign synchronization, and toolbar access.
Tested compatability with the following devices:
  • Samsung Galaxy S7
  • Samsung Galaxy S9
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2

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