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ATAK Products


Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK-CIV)


TAK for Government


Android Tactical Assault Kit for Military


See ATAK plugins available for download.

WinTAK Products


Windows OS Team Awareness Kit for Civilians


The Windows Tactical Assault Kit (WinTAK) is a software application and mapping framework for Windows devices.


See WinTAK plugins available for download.

Other Products

Android End-User Device (EUD)

Testing of ATAK is done across a range of Samsung devices due to device fielding primacy.


iTAK has a subset of ATAK capabilities designed for Apple iOS smart phone and tablet devices. These include maps and imagery, overlays, chat, video, and situational awareness. The user interface follows the Human Interface Guideline documentation provided by Apple. Users create, share and access tactical data such as points, pictures and video during operations or as part of pre-operational mission planning ensuring data is up to date whenever a network connection is available.


PiTAK provides reliable communications alternative to User Datagram Protocol (UDP)

TAK Server

TAK Server is a tactical information management platform that provides data access and encryption across disparate networks. TAK Server secures, brokers, and stores data in standalone and federated configurations. It is required whenever TAK clients are not operating in a peer-to-peer network or there is an operational need to encrypt and store mission data. Client plugins, such as DataSync and Execution Checklist, also require TAK Server.

TAK Tracker

TAK Tracker is a lightweight standalone android application for sending location information to a TAK Server. Additionally it supports sending chat and emergency messages.


Virtual Reality TAK