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TAK was developed using a closed feedback loop with end users in response to a United States Special Operations Command Combat Mission Needs Statement. Core Capabilities include: 

  • Comprehensive Situational Awareness (SA)
  • Map Rendering/Imagery Support with 3D
  • Blue Force Tracking (BFT)
  • ISR (Rover) Tools with VDL
  • Tactical Chat
  • SADL/Link-16 Support
  • JumpMaster Tools (HALO/HAHO)
  • Fires Tools (9-Line, DACAS)
  • Route Planning and Navigation Tools
  • Tactical Radio Controls

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement began using TAK based on the exhaustive testing and evaluation done by the military. Tracking assets in dynamically has been a game changer for city, state and federal agencies. What do you want to see in real-time?
  • Law enforcement assets
  • Incidents (riots, fires, routes)
  • Jurisdictional and municipal borders (internal police districts)
  • The Next Generation Weather Radar (NEXRAD)

"After one night of use it was immediately clear that we needed TAK. There was no going back to the previous way of tracking assets. The incident command staff requested that more devices get used on the upcoming days of unrest." - Milwaukee PD 

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Emergency Management & First Responders

State emergency management organizations have realized significant efficiencies in coordinating disparate organizations. Wildland firefighters began using TAK as an upgrade to tools such as handheld GPS units, analog VHF radios, and paper maps.  What antiquated technologies are you taking into the field? TAK provides:
  • Real-time point location information form other TAK users
  • Easy to provision and conduct just-in-time training
  • TAK provides critical location context to lice video streams
  • Live situational awareness from weather, aviation, river gauge feeds, etc.
  • Wide Area Search Plugin (WASP)
  • SOS token solutions via text message


Commercial industry has adopted TAK as a low cost solution to track just about anything that moves (or isn't supposed to). What can TAK track for you?
  • Geofenced notification
  • Secure tracking of assets 
  • Secure chat
  • Delivery verification
  • UAS control
  • Full motion video with geospatial reference
  • TAK Tracker - a "headless" user interface version of TAK
  • Event security - festivals, concerts or sporting events

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Outdoor Recreation

Nationwide it’s estimated that 50,000 search and rescue missions are conducted each year. Several commercial companies have developed small, relatively inexpensive radios that will communicate TAK messages over short distances in areas without cellular coverage. Have you ever wished you had TAK?
  • Plan travel routes
  • Evaluate terrain challenges
  • Set rendezvous locations
  • Chat communications
  • Share georeferenced images 
  • Tracking
  • Drop markers for hazards or any point of interest