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UAS Survey

The UAS Tool is a plug-in that provides integration of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) for enhanced Situational Awareness (SA) and telemetry data, Full Motion Video (FMV), and command and control (C2). The UAS Tool transmits basic point position location information, Sensor Point of Interest (SPoI), field of view (FOV), four corners, telemetry data, and FMV to other ATAK and WinTAK devices on the TAK network (local or beyond line of sight).
The rapid development of UAS technology offers substantial benefits for our society and economy, as UAS technology may transform the delivery of goods and the provision of countless services, ranging from inspection of critical infrastructure to delivery of life-saving medical devices.  Just as personal and commercial use of UAS continues to expand and evolve, search and rescue use of UAS likewise continues to grow. SAR agencies across the country have recognized that UAS can be an important tool in advancing their public safety missions while reducing risk to personnel and the public.  Take full advantage of this promising technology and maintain complete geospatial awareness by integrating TAK UAS Tool.

Real Time Updates

A basic function of asset tracking relies on being able to assign a unique identification number to each item you need to keep track of and have those unique identifiers report a location at some interval. TAK enables automatic vehicle location and in-vehicle navigation systems that are widely used throughout the world today. By combining GPS position technology with systems that can display geographic information or with systems that can automatically transmit data to display screens or computers, a new dimension in surface transportation is realized.
TAK stores, analyzes, and displays geographically referenced information provided in large part by GPS. Today TAK is used to monitor vehicle location, making possible effective strategies that can keep transit vehicles on schedule and inform passengers of precise arrival times. Mass transit systems can use this capability to track rail, bus, and other services to improve on-time performance.

Event Security

Two way audios communication may not be an option at a loud venue. Festivals, concerts and sporting events can benefit from having security and safety personnel access to a TAK.
  • Real-time point location information form other TAK users
  • Easy to provision and conduct just-in-time training
  • TAK provides critical location context to live video streams
  • Live situational awareness from weather, aviation, river gauge feeds, etc.
  • Wide Area Search Plugin (WASP)
  • SOS token solutions via text message

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