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TAK 4.7 Feature Release will be hosted on TPC Teams, starting at 1000 EDT, today, 7/21/2021.  Content is publicly releasable IAW TAK public release guidance. See you there!


Discussion items


Opening Remarks - Ryan McLean

  • Mission: Empower TAK Users
  • Vision: TAK Continuous Delivery
  • Cadence update
    • Moving to releases every 3 months
    • Next release will be in Oct 2022
    • 4.8 will be heavy on quality improvements via automated testing
    • Fewer new features in 4.8 due to stability/quality focus
    • TAK 5.0 planned for FY23 Q2


ATAK 4.7 - Shawn Bisgrove

Supplemental Change Log for ATAK

  • New features
    • Data package export to a file
    • Minimum safe distance added to shape radials
      • Can draw any shape and set safe distance around it

    • Native imagery improvements for memory and processing
      • Associated links can be shown with CoT messages
    • UI improvements
      • Light and dark mode for toggle bar
      • Changed closure for secondary panels to avoid confusion (was large X icon at the end)
  • Security updates to resolve scan findings
  • Bug fixes
    • Heatmap overlays being disabled after ATAK restart
    • Protection against null pointer during a crash chain
    • Elevation issues in the prime meridian
    • Corrected issues with CoT creation of Cryllic messages
  • SDK improvements
    • Removed deprecated items from 4.4 and before
    • Added API for plugins to control notifications


TAKX 3.3 - Kassie Bowman

TAKX Roadmap

  • TAKX 3.3
    • New look and feel
      • Ribbon bar changed to use overflow menu
    • Added route creation
    • Addressed security scan findings
  • TAKX 3.4 - planned for Dec 22
    • Will be developer beta

TAK Server 4.7 - Joe McEttrick

TAK Server Change Log

  • Data feeds
    • Added group filtering for streaming and plugin data feeds
    • Added caching
    • Adding filtering by polygon
  • Plugin SDK/API
    • New plugin API for interacting with missions/files
    • Removed dependencies for several jars
  • Admin UI
    • New API and UI for classification levels
  • Other APIs
    • Refactored multiple APIs to user streams (decreases RAM utilization)
    • Data packages limited to max size of 550MB (due to postgres limitation)
  • Bug fixes
    • Close streaming connections when invalid data sent before authentication
  • Containerization
    • New hardened Docker container based on Iron Bank images
  • Federation
    • Added support for COP and data feed federation
  • Cluster
    • Using kubernetes configmap for CoreConfig
  • Database
    • Try to repair schema if checksum fails
  • WebTAK
    • DTED elevation support
    • Preferences for units, labels, and displaying lat/long gridlines on the map
  • Ryan: major update is open sourcing of TAK Server:
    • Driven by desire to get TAK Server as monolith container in Iron Bank

WinTAK 4.7 - Jeremy Friedman

Supplemental Change Log for WinTAK

  • Language support
    • Set at OS level; not on installer

  • User feedback
    • Can attach files


Closing Remarks - Ryan McLean

  • iTAK continuing to mature and available in app store
  • WebTAK, VTAK, TAKX. etc. all on the roadmap to open source