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Supported on iOS 16.0 or later.


Supported on Android 5 or later.


Supported on Windows 10/11 64-bit.


Supported on Ubuntu 18.04, Fedora 26, Debian 10, RHEL/CentOS 8

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TAK Announcements

NATO Allies Get on Same Page During Biggest Exercise

June 27, 2024 — The nation of Murinus has invaded Poland. Task Force Dragoon, comprising U.S. and NATO forces across Germany, Poland and Lithuania, is combating the lead battalion of the enemy force. Three U.S. Army Apache helicopters emerge from the tree line behind the Red Diamond range in northeastern Poland. They launch a barrage of rockets and chain gun rounds on simulated targets hundreds of yards across the vast, muddy field.

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Colorado to launch first-in-the-nation app that could revolutionize responder safety

June 24, 2024 — COTAK is an app that relays responders' location to managers and team leaders in an emergency situation, whether it’s a highway accident or a wildfire. The app effectively shows first responders' location in a map in real time.

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Salaknib 24 | U.S. Army and Philippine Army Soldiers work together in Joint Operation Cente

May 30, 2024 — U.S. and Philippines Army soldiers work in the Joint Operations Center during the Joint Pacific Multinational Readiness Center-Exportable (JPMRC-X) exercise on Fort Magsaysay, Philippines, 31 May 2024. This iteration of JPMRC-X marks the first deployment to the Philippines, which will enable and assist the Philippines Army and the Armed Forces of the Philippines in building combat training center locations within the Philippines.

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2024 TAK Offsite

This hybrid event, hosted by the TAK Configuration Steering Board (CSB), consists of briefs and demos from the TAK Community across program offices, services, federal agencies, labs, and users.

2023 TAK Offsite

This hybrid event, hosted by the TAK Configuration Steering Board (CSB), consists of briefs and demos from the TAK Community across program offices, services, federal agencies, labs, and users.

2023 TAKathon Event July 11-13

Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and the TAK Product Center (TPC) are proudly co-sponsoring the event with a primary focus on Public Safety.

Operational Success Starts with TAK

Complete Situational Awareness

Maps and situational awareness (SA) are critical to coordinated tasks in many contexts, including kinetic military action, law enforcement, civil protection, and disaster relief. TAK has the ability to display a wide variety of map data, either stored or downloaded in real-time. TAK is the USG's premier tool for shared SA data and has the largest selection of features designed to facilitate real-time coordination between team members through the use of mission specific plugins.

Pre-Mission Planning

In addition to the standard mission execution planning tools, mission specific capabilities give a user more insight into certain aspects of their assigned tasks. Navigation tools, including viewshed analysis, help users select and traverse a pre-planned route buy displaying the elevation profile of the route along with speed, distance, and bearing to the next waypoint.

Pre-mission planning is essential to enabling safe, effective, and rapid deployment of resources. TAK enables effective planning by providing a common understanding of exposure and vulnerabilities based on real time updates of any rapidly developing environment.

Streamlined Deployment

Points, routes, drawing objects, and files can be shared through TAK user defined groups, teams or simply broadcasted. While most data sharing clients require a server, TAK’s CoT & chat sharing features can operate in a server-less environment amongst nodes operating on the same network. TAK Server can be introduced to extend client connectivity across networks or federated for persistent command and control.

From highest commander to the ground forces and attached air & sea assets, deploying with the TAK Common Operational Picture ensures safe, dynamic, and effective mission execution.

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